Handmade Art Anthro Furry Fantasy Dolls and Sculptures
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In a world of my dolls "Anthrogon" red dragons live in a special place, "Valley of the Volcanoes".
You can see where the "Valley of the Volcanoes" on the map.

This type of dragon is the most dangerous. They are not for nothing called the fire because they can spew fire from its mouth. And the dragons themselves are very hot, and all what they touch instantly erupts. Here is  ... Read more »

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Now I'm ready to tell you about the world of my dolls "Fantasy-dolls-Zlata".
  It is called "Anthrogon".

On the map I drew you can now see the location of all places.

So the world "Anthrogon" I have represented as a large continent surrounded by "Gothic Ocean" and adjacent to the island. In the waters of the "Gothic ocean" are found magical creatures. Already I can not wait to macking them!

In the ... Read more »

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On the map you can see the location of the "Eastervillage" in the world "Anthrogon".

Residents of the village are small creatures Teddy Dolls with antique dolls heads and animals suits.
Now the village three residents:

1. Easter chick

2.  ... Read more »

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A convenient pack for my creations. The design of the box and soft mattress for toy do not allow toy to move during transportation. Inside also included: signed passport, postcard with the story and visiting card. In such packaging is convenient to simply pass a toy person or boxed for shipment to send Worldwide.

For Example package for my Pink Monster.

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Merry Christmas!

I Wish you success and prosperity!

Frohe Weihnachten!

Ich w√ľnsche Ihnen Erfolg und Wohlstand!

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