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Confectionery D'Kokowill

   In the world of dolls "Anthrogon" in the Gothic Town "Ajtvaragon" there is a new place - Confectionery.

   One day walking along the ancient streets of the city on a cloudy day, I wanted to warm up a cup of hot chocolate. Not far from the town square, I saw a Confectionery D'Kokowill. Looking in through the large window I liked this cozy place.

Confectionery D'Kokowill world of dolls Anthrogon

Inside on the big showcases from the massive dark wood is a huge variety of sweets: cakes, pastries, cookies, candies.

In the corner stands a few tables to casual visitors. There can have a snack and a cup of chocolate. And also you can buy sweets take with you.
   Manager confectionery Mr. D'Kokowill very kind. This is his family business. He sells sweets, his wife Madame D'Kokowill with older daughters prepare tasty treats, and the younger children help package and deliver orders.

That small girl Sofia helps pack delicious cookies to then deliver it to Madame florist.

Sofia D'Kokowill world of dolls Anthrogon Zlata's fantasy dolls

There are many pictures of Sofia!


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