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Fantasy albino Ferret

poseable soft sculpture

Handmade, OOAK, Animal sculpture, handmade ferret, poseable ferret

*** Enchanted albino Ferret is based on my dolls stories from World of Dolls "Anthrogon" on my serie of dolls entitled "Fantasy Forest dolls" in which this light creature lives in a fantasy forest, softly treading moss and lichen. This unusual magical beast appears from another world only when the morning sun rises and the first timid rays of morning light touch the dew on the grass.. He wanders around the neighborhood explore the magical world of dolls "Anthrogon".


Fantasy albino Ferret is a one of a kind original piece of artwork, 100% handmade.
I've created super flexible skeleton from Bulk Spule Ball Socket inside the body, wrapped with stuffing of syntepon!
I then applied the quality white faux fur in tiny clumps onto the hand sculpted face! And my favorite white faux fur for the body. The flowers are handmade out of yellow, rose and burgundy fabric.
Flowers are part of the panther and can not be separated.
Fantasy ferret animal has red hand painting eyes.
Enchanted albino Ferret in length 45 cm (17,7 inch) with a tail, height 10 cm (3,94 inch), width 8 cm (3,14 inch), not counting flowers.

!! Enchanted Ferret is a super motion sculpture.

Thanks for looking!

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