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Art BJD Wasp

Bee Queen,Fantasy insect bjd, Handmade bjd, Art bjd Bee,

Articulated doll, jointed doll.

Fantasy Art BJD Wasp Queen is a one of a kind original piece of artwork.
The doll is made of high quality plastic.
Bee Lady consists of 22 plastic parts. Details of the doll are assembling on black elastic.The surface of plastic parts is covered with shiny elements and flock according to the author's technique. All shiny elements are part of the doll.
Height 21 cm ( 8,27 inch). Wing length 17 cm ( 6,7 inch)
The wings are made of wire, organza and lace.
Outfit: I sewed a short black skirt with lace and beading for her and made a crown. The skirt and crown are removable.
The beauty loves to be photographed very much!
!!! The doll is for sale without a doll stand!



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