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Blanche Black Cat

*** She is based on my dolls stories from World of Dolls "Anthrogon" on my serie of dolls entitled "Gothic Forest dolls" in which Black cat (her name is Blanche). Once lived a beautiful dark-haired girl, her name was Blanche. Her family died when she was a child and her aunt took her to live with herself. The girl was young and naive, fallen in love with an older. Her aunt tried everything to stop what she believed to be a doomed romance, but it was to no avail. And then angry aunt appealed to the witch so that she imposed on her spell and turned Blanche into a cat. Now the graceful cat Blanche walks through the streets, gently stepping on the sharp edge between good and evil, playing with a ball of her own life.


Cat Blanche is totally handmade made by me with love and lots of care.
She is 9.84 inches (25 cm) from her base to the top of her head.
Doll with hand painted eyes. 
Her form is of wire armature - movable except the head, hands, feet. 
Her hair is from goat wool. It has been hand dyed with black.
Her body is sewn from natural velvet.

She was designed in the Victorian Gothic style.
Bonnet sewn from black lace and red velvet. 
Bonnet is removed!

She is self-balancing and can sit on his own three feet ( the fourth - hand holds a ball) without aid of a doll stand.




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