Handmade Art Anthro Furry Fantasy Dolls and Sculptures
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   A new series of dolls "River dolls" World of dolls Anthrogon.

   The series includes mermaid and fishes dolls.

series of dolls "River dolls" World of dolls Anthrogon.

   Deep in the Gothic For ... Read more »

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Hello, I'm Zlata Schimanski (Zlata's fantasy dolls) - Artist dolls maker (characters designer in the World of dolls Anthrogon). In this blog we will talk about the process of creating characters who will live in the doll world.

I would say that one of the best moments of my work - the ability to create all the wonderful costumes for the characters and fantasy creatures in the world Anthrogon! When planning each addition, I ponder, what other wonderful creatures that would please collectors, can be added into this world. Let us consider the process of their creation!

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Video World of dolls Anthrogon:

  • New Dolls
  • New Tutorials

Enjoy watching!

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   In the world of dolls "Anthrogon" in the Gothic Town "Ajtvaragon" there is a new place - Confectionery.

   One day walking along the ancient streets of the city on a cloudy day, I wanted to warm up a cup of hot chocolate. Not far from the town square, I saw a Confectionery D'Kokowill. Looking in through the large window I liked this cozy place.

Confectionery D'Kokowill world of dolls Anthrogon

Inside on the big showcases from the massive dark wood is a huge variety of sweets: cakes, pastries, ... Read more »

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About us published in the magazine PrettyToys (34) 2016!

It's great!
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14 March 21:00 (Moscow time) 2016

I cooked for you three surprise:
1. I'll show you "in life" a new gothic mermaids dolls!

2. I made a VIDEO TUTORIAL sculpting doll hands for you!

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I make the chicken legs silicone mold. 

Funny photo!

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Hedgehogs in their wooden boxes with passport and cards are ready to go to a new home!

1. Wooden box with a pattern of burning wood!

2. Postcards with gratitude!

3.Passport with the author's signature artist!

4.Ready to go to a new home!



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Baby Hedgehogs!


Best gift for Valentine's Day!

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