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The process of creating characters

Hello, I'm Zlata Schimanski (Zlata's fantasy dolls) - Artist dolls maker (characters designer in the World of dolls Anthrogon). In this blog we will talk about the process of creating characters who will live in the doll world.

I would say that one of the best moments of my work - the ability to create all the wonderful costumes for the characters and fantasy creatures in the world Anthrogon! When planning each addition, I ponder, what other wonderful creatures that would please collectors, can be added into this world. Let us consider the process of their creation!

At first, I study the map of the world Anthrogon, consider fantasy arts, gathering inspiration. Get an idea of how to best visualize being, I create its own concept art for the production of proportions, colors and to facilitate simulation.

Then, guided by the concept art, I begin to create a doll or sculpture and think about how to model its shape to create a planned character.

Here's an example: from the initial stage to the final result.

I will begin with the creation of the indicative plan. (For example, take the doll Anthro Fox Mr. Dorian Brave)

1. Sketch of the future doll
2. Purchase of material: polymer clay, fabrics, faux fur...
3. Construction of patterns
4. Modeling scheduled from polymer clay doll parts
5. Realistic look the parts made of polymer clay
6. Cutting, sewing, filling parts
7. Assembling dolls
8. Thinking through costumes
9. Construction of patterns costumes
10. Cutting and sewing costumes
11. Trying on costumes and completion of doll
12. Photo-session finished dolls

This plan something like this how can I make a few points at a time.


The process of creating fox doll


The process of creating characters


The process of creating fox anthro doll

Assembling dolls

The process of creating anthro doll

Exclusive embroidery


The process of creating characters

Fox Doll is ready

Sewing costumes

The process of creating characters

Costumes are ready


I love his work, and look forward to please collectors whole hordes of the most interesting dolls and sculptures in the upcoming additions.

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