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BJD Furry black moor goldfish,

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Fantasy Art BJD Goldfish is a one of a kind original piece of artwork.

The doll is made of high quality plastic.
The surface of plastic parts is covered with shiny elements and flock according to the author's technique. All shiny elements are part of the doll.
Fishtail made from black goat hair.
Details of the doll are collected on black elastic.
Parts of the doll are glued with black leather for soft sliding parts during movement.

Goldfish Height 21 cm ( 8,27 inch).

Instruction for handlingl:
- Do not stain the doll.
- Do not wet with water.
- Rotate the parts carefully.
- Do not drop the doll. If this nevertheless happened and a part of element flew off, then you need to glue it only on UV glue.

Work is signed and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by the artist.


(c) Copyright by Zlata Schimanski (Zlata's fantasy dolls) 2011 - 2021