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Red Fire Dragon

In a world of my dolls "Anthrogon" red dragons live in a special place, "Valley of the Volcanoes".
You can see where the "Valley of the Volcanoes" on the map.

This type of dragon is the most dangerous. They are not for nothing called the fire because they can spew fire from its mouth. And the dragons themselves are very hot, and all what they touch instantly erupts.

In ancient times, fiery dragons raiding and looting in the city and burned them to ashes. Residents of the fantasy world did not like it and they made a deal with the Red Fire Dragon. Dragons tasked to guard the most valuable from each city, but they have to stop to raid and have to leave the "Valley of the Volcanoes" only in extreme cases.

Here is one of the representatives of fiery dragons.

Red Fire Dragon is 100% handmade!

The body of the dragon is made of faux fur.
In length 22 cm (8.7 inch), height 12 cm (4.7 inch), width with folded wings 10 cm (3.9 inch).

Dragon sculpture on the frame - movable.
Dragon can folding and unfolding the wings.

Red fire dragon by Fantasy-dolls-Zlata


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