Handmade Art Anthro Furry Fantasy Dolls and Sculptures
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Podiceps auritus bird soft sculpture

Bird in width with spread out their wings: 28 sm (11,02 inch), with folded wings: 8,5 cm (3,35 inch); height 23 cm (9,05 inch), length 28 cm (11,02 inch).

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Dr. Benjamin Crow Anthropomorphic Unique Handmade Furry Art Doll OOAK waiting for resettlement!

Approximately 12,6 inch (32cm) tall standing.

100% Hand made!

Dr. Benjamin Crow Anthropomorphic Unique Handmade Furry Art image 6
! The head, feet are hardened clay and could be damaged if mishandled or d ... Read more »

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Mandrake cat ToyStuffed fantasy Animal, Fantasy creature, Artist Handmade Teddy

100% handmade - made by hand, no machine sewing!
Mandrake cat is 11,4 inches (29 cm) tall, and seated ... Read more »

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Teddy Hare DIY

I would like to suggest that you sew a non-traditional hare with movable legs fastened with threads and buttons. Such a hare can be sewn from any materials: viscose, plush, vintage plush, fleece, velvet, any dense fabric. 

Difficulty: medium Materials: fabric, sewing thread, filler, eyes 2, buttons on the leg 4. As well as needles, scissors, chalk, pencil.


See the full master class here!

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Teddy Crow

Victorian Gothic Toy, Stuffed Animal, Artist Handmade Teddy


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A small video tutorial on wood burning.

Happy viewing!


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Hello my dear! My Art doll activity has a birthday - I have been created dolls for 9 years! There are 20% discounts for you in my Etsy shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/GothicForestDolls

Thank you for staying with me!

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Art BJD Gnome Morel Mushroom man. 

Fantasy Art BJD Gnome Morel Mushroom is a one of a kind original piece of artwork.

The doll is made of high quality plastic.
The gnome man consists of 19 plastic par ... Read more »

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Fantasy Art BJD Gnomes Mushrooms Amanita is a one of a kind original piece of artwork.

The doll is made of high quality plastic.





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Three-tailed gray lilac eared dragon Dragon is 100% hand made!

I've created super flexible skeleton from Bulk Spule Ball Socket inside the body, wrapped with stuffing of syntepon!
I then applied the white faux fur and gray lilac mohair, in tiny clumps onto the sculpted face!

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