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Pelican bird Soft Sculpture

Handmade OOAK toy, stuffed bird, Art Doll, Animal sculpture, Textile Taxidermy, Realistic bird

Pelican bird is a one of a kind original piece of artwork, 100% handmade.
I've created a wire skeleton with Bulk Spule Ball Socket flexible Skelett inside the body, wrapped with stuffing of syntepon!
I then applied the quality whitr and black faux fur!
Bird has black hand painted eyes.
The pelican has a very mobile neck.
Bird in width with folded wings: 11 cm (4,33 inch), wings: 20 cm (7,87 inch), height 25 cm (9,84 inch), length 20 cm (7,87 inch).
!! Pelican is a motion sculpture. Carefully handle the wings!!




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