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World of handmade dolls "Anthrogon".

Now I'm ready to tell you about the world of my dolls "Fantasy-dolls-Zlata".
  It is called "Anthrogon".

On the map I drew you can now see the location of all places.

So the world "Anthrogon" I have represented as a large continent surrounded by "Gothic Ocean" and adjacent to the island. In the waters of the "Gothic ocean" are found magical creatures. Already I can not wait to macking them!

In the center of the continent is the Gothic town called "Ajtvaragon" which is surrounded by a huge wall and enter the city only through the main gate. Within the walls of the city you can see the "Dark Circus", as well as in the city will be the most interesting place that I will discuss later.

Around the city is the Gothic Forest "Träumevergisst". Of course you can see on the map are not all the inhabitants of the forest, so much that they realize quite a number of years it will take me a lot :) On the map, you can see the exact location of the village (only one is shown, but in reality there are many) and Anthropomorphic dolls, River Mermaids . All Teddy and Teddy-dolls united by types in the villages. In "Eastervillage" already live special Teddy-dolls with antique dolls heads. Here is their location on the map. 


And to the north of the city in the Gothic Forests have a special place - "Black Stones". They serve as a refuge for a variety of ghostly beings.

Around Gothic forest is "Fantasy forest". All fantasy forest is divided into zones. At the top of the mountains inhabited by stone monsters and all sorts of other creatures that are not shown on the map. We can see further funny lumps tribes of them, I will tell about them when the time comes. Then there is the desert and "Valley of the Volcanoes" there are inhabited by red dragons. We go down below and see Snakes-people and Gorgon.

Some creatures can live in the Fantasy forest and Gothic forest.
So we went down the mainland there see the satyr with a magic tree branch and mysterious flowers and next to them a magical city "Elfagon". In which they live elves, fairies, and the like.

Next we see the beach area on the map where are palm jungle, home to a ghostly pirate with a fiery head and voracious treasure chest.
Cross the river carrying its waters through the city "Ajtvaragon" and get to the meadow dragons, and then to the Furry creatures, forest Animals and Gnomes Mushrooms. And here again we have risen to the upper part of the continent where we see the peninsula of Griffins and wolf Peninsula.
Of course at the moment it is difficult to list all the things conceived by me, but gradually interesting places on the map will be added.

Happy viewing! I hope it is now clear how the world looks like my dolls I'm working on.

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