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Short acquaintance with Artist Dolls "Zlata's fantasy dolls".


My name is Zlata Schimanski I'm an artist doll maker known as "Zlata's fantasy dolls".

Seriously engaged in the creation of art dolls from November 2011. This is the beginning of my first project "Art BJD Yan". For several long months, I studied the anatomy of the male body, the master model is molded from polymer clay, to achieve the desired result to me. I appeal to colleagues to establish art ball jointed doll of the toughest critics and ask for help. Again and again reworked model, studied. When I achieved the desired result at the time, I went to study doing of silicone molds for casting dolls from PU resin (polyurethane) yourself at home. So a year later, in 2012, resulting in almost daily work, I created three finished PU resin Art BJD male dolls: Yan, Janus and Mothman Lynne. I'm took part in a competitions with them, got into the "Almanac alternative dolls". 

Yan more photos!

Janus more photos!

Mothman Lynne more photos!

Next my intent was Art BJD girl. After a long process of modeling, the study of anatomy, passing the removal of forms and castings made of PU. A little faster in 2013 were born three Art BJD PU resin girl: Fiona, Katarina and Laetitia. 

Fiona more photos!

Katarina more photos!

Laetitia more photos!

Painting (makeup) face for miniature dolls i also learned into practice by creating a series of Teddy-dolls.

At this point I began to think that I wanted to convey in images of the dolls, what i would like to see what kind of feelings they can to evoke when they're holding in their hands, to reflect on the theme. I'm remember my the very first impression that prompted me to start creating dolls. So there was the name under which I create my dolls "Zlata's fantasy dolls".

In the same 2013, I have revised their attitude to Art BJD peoples and began the creation of Art BJD Animals. At the time, I thought the best solution was the creation of the moving ball jointed of animals and birds. Thus the end of 2013 I created: Black scientist cat, turtle Dorothy, Gedeon Wise owl and the little duckling. With the size of art BJD animals, I also experimented, I was looking more to their liking.

After each created doll, I thought about my feelings and impressions. I constantly explore new ways to achieve the desired result. I became glueing of plastic animal parts with fur. Still, i feel, I was not happy with the result until the end. So I finished the last Art BJD cat Storyteller in 2014 and took a step in the other direction of my work. I began to create not only dolls, but also for their stories, fairy tales. Gradually feeling my favorite theme, the images.

A big project in 2014 was the series of dolls " Fantaghiro. The Cave of the Golden Rose." With the help of my friend budding writer, we have created a small series of stories about Fantaghiro. I, in turn, has created dolls in various techniques, including the semi-bjd: Fantaghiro; White Fairy; Romualdo; Helpers evil sorceress Ksellessy: Gnomes mushrooms, gnomes fruits and vegetables; The spirits of the forest.

Central to them was to comfortably take pictures of changing postures. Unfortunately I have decided to indefinitely postpone the project aside, because in addition to the existing text of tales came the idea to animate these characters, create a cartoon. One I can not do it, even a snail's steps. Be sure to come back to this idea later, when friends appear interested in creating animation. It looks like this is my main goal, but it still needs to go through certain stages in my artistic development as an artist, dolls maker. Awareness of their own are not ready was given is not easy.
Sadly postponing box pet project, I went on.

Experiencing a little creative crisis I had a project "Laetitia Fox creates a mini Teddy bears and friends." I and my doll Laetitia sew miniature Teddy and fun taking pictures of the process. Melancholy is gone. Even collectors all over Germany formed :).

At that moment I realized what I lacked feeling in my dolls - vitality and softness! So mobility, reality, and now the liveliness and softness, warmth had to realize in my work. So there were sculptures of animals from faux fur: little family of hedgehogs, fox, Realistic teddy Rabbit, Snow leopard, cat Snowball (see links).

But all the same I have a "Fantasy forest" and the animals just not enough for me. I worked for the new manufacturing technology and stepped on to the anthropomorphic dolls and furry dolls. Here - I felt that I like, it's my theme. This is the theme 2015 and established: Dr. Benjamin Crow, Mr. Dorian Brave, Ville Rockmusiker, Girl Hedgehog Lenore, Sergal Oscar, Polar bear Odrick, not anthropomorphic but Crow girl Ravena (see links) and it will not stop.


Your questions and suggestions are welcome to this Email

>>fantasy-dolls-zlata@gmx.de <<

I will be glad feedback!


If you want to watch the creation of the characters dolls that I'm working at the moment, you can do it on my instagram or page on facebook.


(c) Copyright by Zlata Schimanski (Zlata's fantasy dolls) 2011 -2016

(c) Copyright by Zlata Schimanski (Zlata's fantasy dolls) 2011 - 2021