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Crow Girl Ravena 

Born 02.11.2015.

Ravena, is a one of a kind original piece of artwork, 100% hand made without the use of any molds.
She is 12,5 inches from her base to the top of her head.

Doll with hand painted glass eyes that follow you. 
Her form is of wire armature - movable except the head, hands, feet. 

Sealed with artist grade gloss on her eyes, lips, fingernails.
Her hair is of lambs wool. It has been hand dyed with black.
Her hair has been arranged in a beautiful hairstyle. 

Her hair is not removable.

Her costume was designed in the Victorian Gothic style.

Ravena kind of volatile spirits called the Ajtvar spirit. In Lithuanian mythology (and also in Poland - under the name Ajtvar) so called volatile spirit in the form of a fiery serpent, dragon (sometimes black crows, herons, cock or cat), a ghost, an incubus. It is believed that he brings a wealth of people, especially money, milk, honey. She was born a long time ago from the egg in the family of a poor young man. Tells how the young man found a way to make the Ajtvar spirit, I will not. Now it does not matter. He grow Ravena good, clever as his own daughter, and they live in full prosperity. It was a long time ago, but she remembers the warmth of those years. 

Ravena only not proud of what is her raven claws and overly long fingers with huge claws. But under the long skirts could always hide their legs, and gloves, and long sleeves made of her hand almost like humans. Only it was a long time ago, times have changed, she is no longer shy and took myself so it is. It's the most important thing.



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