Handmade Art Anthro Furry Fantasy Dolls and Sculptures

Sergal Oscar

Sergal Oscar established in August 2015. 

Approximately 15.2 inch (38,5 cm) tall standing.

100% Hand made!
I've created a wire skeleton inside the feet, wrapped with stuffing!
I then applied the Faux fur in tiny clumps onto the hand sculpted face!

! The head, feet are hardened clay and could be damaged if mishandled or dropped on the floor !

- A complete mobile collectible toy
- Fur muzzle and head that can be rotated
- Hand-painted glass eyes
- i make Polymer Clay parts thoroughly (there are teeth, tongue).
- I use fake fur from Germany, which is used for creating professional stuffed toys
- The pattern i build their own 
- filled with tiny clumps fabric
- Color the fur special professional paints with an airbrush.
- Painted in acrylic parts (such as nails, noses) i fixed with varnish
- 5 way cotter pin jointed


(c) Copyright by Zlata Schimanski (Zlata's fantasy dolls) 2011 - 2021