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Silicone Mold for making Boudoir Art Doll “Jessy”

Silicone mold to create parts (SHOULDER HEAD, hands, feet and shoulder joint (2 balls)) of a small boudoir dolls 30 cm. Mold called "Jessy". The mold consists of two parts.

Silicone mold Size is : 16x13x5 cm (6.3x5.12x1.97 inches)

- AREAS OF USE : Doll Making
- You can use for projects with wax, soap , epoxy, resin, polymer clay, paper and more. 
- My mold is flexible.
- The mold is handmade.
- The molds can be baked with the clay in them up to a temperature of 200 Grad Celsius
- Mold is Economy category - which means that when making doll of polimer clay or cast polyurethane PU resin to do additional walls made of thick cardboard or plaster for usability.

- *** Doll which is obtained from the use of this Mold has a closed mouth, and human ears.
For more photos:
- Example of molded polyurethane in this mold doll parts;
- For Example created with this silikon mold my Bunny doll from polymer clay. !! Bunny Doll not included - for example only!!
- At boudoir doll Jessy Bunny ears were converted to the hare and were making her mouth with teeth. This is an example of how you can use this Silicone Mold for you fantasy.
*** Silicone mold handmade with master model boudoir dolls designed and making by the artist a dolls maker "Zlata's fantasy dolls"
Silicone Mold has the signature of the author, and therefore all making with this Mold dolls are obtained with the developer of authorship sign.

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