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Forest phoenix chick green Fantasy Teddy bird

*** Forest Phoenix chick is based on my dolls storys from World of Dolls "Anthrogon". There's in Fantasy forest live many phoenix birds.

100% handmade - made by hand, no machine sewing!


Little Phoenix chick Teddy is 5.5 inches tall, and seated is about 4.3 inches high. He is made from green faux fur for her head and body, leg, wings. 

He will stand and good sitting! Phoenix chick Teddy is movable.

* He has a fantasy tail on the wire frame with elements of Felting
* Hand sculpted from polymer clay leg and the head is molded of polyurethane (PU resin) with hand painted eyes. 
* 5 way cotter pin jointed
* Stuffed with wadding sintepon.
* Beadwork and sequins embroidery

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