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Enchanted wolf doll portrait in frame

Enchanted wolf doll portrait in frame.

One-of-a-kind original artist's doll for your collection!

*** Portrait Wolf furry doll in frame is based on my dolls storys from World of Dolls "Anthrogon". 


Wooden frame, you can put.
Size with frame: height: 8.27'' (21cm), width: 6.3'' (16cm).
Wolf Size: height: 6.1'' (15,5cm), width: 4.13'' (10,5cm).

This beautiful and unique fantasy art Wolf doll portrait in frame is totally handmade made by me with love and lots of care. I've created a wire skeleton inside the body, wrapped with stuffing of syntepon. The head and feet are Polymer clay. I then applied the quality gray faux fur, in tiny clumps onto the hand sculpted face. Wolf has hand painted glass eyes.   

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