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Pink Monster

"In the Dark Circus passes night show. In the arena appear unusual magical beast!
I present to You - Pink Monster."

Pink Circus Monster look like a "big" long-haired pink with blue stripes cat. Beast this unusual, magical. It lives in the depths of the Fantasy forest. Pink beast instances are very rare. Do not tame the beast is very dangerous. For a long time no one could determine what eats the beast. However,Traveler scientist and moonlight as professional consultants Circus "Mudvin Great" caught and tame this monster. It turned pink monster eats exclusively cakes, so naturally he was angry because the hungry. After consuming a far greater portion of sweet treats is full a month. Full monster is kindly and he likes training.
Value remains unexplained brush on the forehead monster. According to extant scraps of knowledge of the ancient inhabitants of the magic forest it can be assumed with this brush the beast catches the mood of others, but also maybe it helps him to coordinate the flight. But all these suggestions have not yet been tested in practice.

The monster looks like a pink long-haired cat with blue stripes. 
It has large fangs, but if it is to feed the pies it will remain good and fluffy.

Circus Monster is a one of a kind original piece of artwork, 100% hand made!

I've created a wire skeleton inside the body, wrapped with stuffing!
I then applied the faux fur in tiny clumps onto the hand sculpted face!
Monster has hand painted glass eye. In length 14 cm (5.5 inch), height  11,5 cm (4.5 inch), width 5 cm (2 inch).

Monster is a sculpture on the frame - movable.

Pink Monster

Monster established in December 2015


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