Handmade Art Anthro Furry Fantasy Dolls and Sculptures

Mermaid Charadina

Created: 27 October 2015

Charadina is a one of a kind original piece of artwork, 100% hand made without the use of any molds.

She is 18,5 inches from the tip of the tail to the top of her head.

Doll with hand painted glass eyes that follow you.
Her form is of wire armature - movable except the head, hands.
Sealed with artist grade gloss on her eyes, lips, fingernails.
Her hair is of alpaca wool. It has been hand dyed with aquamarine.
Her hair has been arranged in a beautiful hairstyle.
Her hair and autfit is not removable.
Her costume was designed in the Victorian Gothic style.


Charadina - the eldest daughter of the King of the forest river Odinus. She has a  younger sisters. A few years ago, she was engaged to Prince Caspian. But he disappeared without a trace before the wedding. Charadina loved him and was greatly upset by his disappearance. It was rumored that Prince Caspian angered her father. Odinus, of course, not so cruel to his daughters. He loves his daughters. A few years later Charadina learns from her younger sister Katrina that her father did not involved in the disappearance of the prince Caspian. Inhabitants of Dark Circus kidnapped Charadina's groom. Mermaid sisters decided to release from the clutches of the insidious circus performers Caspian. Of course they want to do this is not alone. Them want to help their old wise teacher cancer Obnikus.

I hope they will succeed!


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