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Who is Zlata's fantasy dolls?

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Welcome to the World of my fantasy Dolls "Anthrogon"!

Name: Zlata Schimanski

Nickname: Zlata's fantasy dolls

Location: Berlin, Germany

Art has always been a constant in my life, but it took a few years after graduating with a degree in Economy, but I kept dreaming about making pretty things to realize that Dolls and animals are what I find truly fulfilling. The mixture of views – natural and gothic – is the basis for my creations now. Previously, I've been searching for something that I wanted to see in my creations. I usually think of new things to make while I’m in the process of making something else.  Ideas just pop into my head, and I‘ll start plugging away.

 I saw the beautiful dolls BJD and I wanted to learn to do the same beautiful dolls. After a long self-study on the Internet, I made my first doll BJD "Yan" polyurethane (Resin) at home. It took almost a year. Then I created a couple of dolls dolls men and three women. After I realized that this is not what I want, and began to create sculptures of animals and other dolls.


My Dolls Creator Story



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