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New Silicone Mold Art Doll Girl's Face

Silicone Mold Art Doll Girl's Face in my Etsy Shop!

Size is : 30x24 mm (1.18x 0.94 inches)

- AREAS OF USE : Doll Making, Jewelry, Scrapbooking, Crafts.

- You can use for projects with wax, soap , epoxy, PMC, resin, polymer clay, pewter, paper and more. 

- My mold is flexible.

- The mold is handmade.

- The molds can be baked with the clay in them up to a temperature of 250 Grad Celsius

Use this exiting new line of molds as push molds, or casting molds for all your embellishment needs. Create jewelry, soap, candles, epoxy resin embellishments, polymer clay embellishments, magnets, cell phone accessories, scrapbook and card embellishment and more. And remember the only place these designs are available is with Mold Zlata's Fantasy Forest.

All molds are copyrighted by Zlata Schimanski (Zlata's fantasy dolls). Meaning you may make items from them for sale or personal use, however you may not reproduce the mold.

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