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Material test Ceramofix Eberhard Faber

Ceramofix Eberhard Faber - molding plastic. It is sold as a powder. The work is similar to plaster, but after drying it does not hygroscopic (like ceramics). Diluted with water: 4 parts powder of 1 part water. Unlike Flumo it can be cast in silicone molds. It does not require baking. Ready-made from this material, you can paint in tempera and acrylic paints. In the description Keramofiks written that it is of high quality, similar to porcelain and forms a smooth surface, well-formed, extremely tear-proof and ideal for reliefs, figures and creating decorative items.

I bought this stuff to make the doll from Ceramofix using a silicone mold.



1. This material is well suited for silicone molds.

2. The powder is easily diluted with water to a state of slurry.


1. It is not suitable to create dolls. 

2. In the photos you can see the details after complete solidification of the material (about 3 hours) can be broken into pieces.

3. Small parts (eg nose) is not always well-cast.

4. It forms small bubbles.


The material is more like a plaster, only more robust and which has the ability to solidify in the silicone molds. Not suitable to create dolls. More suitable for the creation of stands and accessories for dolls.


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