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Mandrake cat Teddy Toy

Mandrake cat ToyStuffed fantasy Animal, Fantasy creature, Artist Handmade Teddy

100% handmade - made by hand, no machine sewing!
Mandrake cat is 11,4 inches (29 cm) tall, and seated is about 8,07 inches (20,5 cm) high.

He is made from white faux fur, green velvet fabric. The head is made of plastic. The cat has movable legs, they are held on a thread fastening using metal buttons. The head turns.

* Sequins and beads embroidery on the belly and legs.
* Dressed in a fantasy lilac velvet vest.
* On the neck there is a handmade peony flower made of ribbons.
* Stuffed with sawdust and sintepon.
* Lace wings are attached to the vest.
* It cannot be wash. Dry clean only.
Teddy fantasy cat is completely hand stitched.


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