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A series of "Eastervillage"

On the map you can see the location of the "Eastervillage" in the world "Anthrogon".

Residents of the village are small creatures Teddy Dolls with antique dolls heads and animals suits.
Now the village three residents:

1. Easter chick

2. Easter Bunny small

3. Easter bear

Each Teddy dolls unique and One of a Kind. For each picked up a rare antique head and unique image.

I've been looking for the most beautiful Antique head on spaces of the German Internet. Sometimes it is necessary to hunt them. Therefore, this series of dolls rare and unique.
All the characters of the series "Eastervillage" inspired by the vintage Easter cards. 
See what adorable old postcards!


I like to consider vintage postcards and i like animals. So get dolls in animal suits. Small accessories complement the image of dolls.
I am currently working on the creation of an Easter bunny mother and son. They are white, fluffy, and in the spirit of Easter well as all the other residents.

Thanks for stopping by! Until We meet again!


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