Handmade Art Anthro Furry Fantasy Dolls and Sculptures
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Blanche Black Cat

*** She is based on my dolls stories from World of Dolls "Anthrogon" on my serie of dolls entitled "Gothic Forest dolls" in which Black cat (her name is Blanche). Once lived a beautiful dark-haired girl, her name was Blanche. Her family died when she was a child and her aunt took her to live with herself. The girl was young and naive, fallen in love with an older. Her aunt tried everything to s ... Read more »

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Red Riding Hood doll portrait in antique wooden frame.

*** Portrait Red Riding Hood is based on my dolls storys from World of Dolls "Anthrogon". She live in Fantasy Forest. In my version of the Little Red Riding Hood, she is werewolf. Mother sewed for her red cloak which suspends her transformation.

Work in Progress:

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The idea to make a portrait of the doll came to me when I found in the antique market in Berlin beautiful three antique wooden frames with handmade embroidery. Embroidery was very old, but the wooden frames - beautiful!

Harpy girl Gothic Portrait doll in Progress:

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Card with the exemplary designation where live my dolls and animals in new homes.

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Momoch is Gnome Mushroom. They live in Fantasy Forest in world of art dolls "Anthrogon".

Momoch girl Amanita mushroom:

Little Momoch is 5.5 inches tall, and seated is about 4.3 inches ... Read more »

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My producing moulding forms from silicone to make a Resin PU BJD dolls tutorial (master-class) published in the magazine PrettyToys 3(35) 2016!


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Amanita doll portrait in antique wooden frame.

*** Portrait Princess Amanita mushroom is based on my dolls storys from World of Dolls "Anthrogon".  There's in fantasy forest live Gnomes Mushrooms.



This beautiful and unique Amanita doll portrait in frame is totally handmade by me with love and lots of care, polimer clay hand-sculpting and hand-painted, costume was designed in the Victorian style ... Read more »

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Red Anthro Girl-Fox Brooch Polymer Clay Jewelry

This beautiful and unique brooch is totally handmade by me with love and lots of care, faux fur, polimer clay hand-sculpting and hand-embroidered.

Brooch is fitted with a metal brooch pin.

heigh: approx. 3.1'' (8 cm)
width: 2.17'' (7,5 cm)

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Zlata's fantasy dolls is made in polimer clay and faux fur by Zlata Schimanski.




New Baby hedgehogs N12, 16 - 20 handmade soft sculpture.

Everything that involves the making of my dolls and sculptures is completely handmade. I give a unique personality to each one of them. Zlata's fantasy dolls are classified as "One of a Kind", OOAK ,the ... Read more »

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Doll Making Book, Art Doll DIY E-Book

Did you dream of learning to create your own beautiful art bjd male doll?
Did you want to make by your own hands a unique bjd male doll with a soft leather torso?

It is possible that Doll Guide Tutorial is what you need!

* Language: Russian
* Format PDF
*It includes detailed list all used materials and instruments.
*To your convenience You’ll be able to Pr ... Read more »

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